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I was (sort of) tagged by :icongalagraphia: I said I wanted to do it so she tagged me. Contains spoilers. Here it is:

1. Pick one Dragonborn character you have (It can be your favourite Dragonborn, your newest one or the one you had one of the weirdest playthrough with, but just one  )
2. Answer a couple of questions, you can add some questions afterwards.
3. Pick (or not) two or three people and tag them.

1. Tell us a little bit about your Dragonborn(s). Who they are, what race they are, you know, the basic stuff.

Mira: Nord, female, blue eyes, blonde shoulder length hair, maximum weight built (with the slider all the way to the right). Sort of based her off my Oblivion Nord of the same name (related maybe?). Came from Cyrodiil, lived in Bruma. Came to Skyrim because she wanted to see where her ancestors came from. Was arrested because she fought back after an Imperial mistook her for a Stormcloak.

Elina: Breton, female, one green eye, one hazel eye, shoulder length black hair, weight slider about 1/5 from all the way to the right (near max build but slightly smaller build than Mira's). Based some of her appearance off of McGee's Alice. Grew up in Cyrodill but was born in High Rock. Came to Skyrim to see the different cultures, people and places. Was arrested after setting an Imperial on fire while defending one of the Stormcloaks.

2. What type of person are they? Will they help the helpless, or will they stab someone in the back after getting paid?

Mira: Loves to help anyone she can aslong as its legal. Often plays tag with children, gives coins to the beggers and retrives items for people who ask.

Elina: Curious about the different people and places compared to that she's used to. Often will help people with their needs and is quite generous. With her silver tongue, she can persuade nearly anyone.

3. Where does your Dragonborn live? Have they got a nice little house in Whiterun, or the ridiculously expensive manor in Solitude?

Mira: Lives in the cosey little house Breezehome with her housecarl and husband.

Elina: Mainly lives at the College of Winterhold but later moves to Whiterun.

4. Does your Dragonborn make their own equipment (weapons/armour/potions/enchantments) or are they utterly lazy and keep looting everything they use?

Mira: Makes her own full set of heavy armour. Loves to uprade anything she can and sell it for profit. She is not very good at enchanting but is practicing.

Elina: Prefers to wear robes but does wear light armour she makes for some protection. Although she's a mage, she doesn't enchant of brew potions very often, preferring to buy them instead.

5. Did your Dragonborn get married and who was the lucky person? And how did they find married life?

Mira: She gained a crush on Farkas after he rescued her by turning into a werewolf and killing the Silversword. After that she went to him for all her missions, in the hopes of impressing him. After curing Kodlak, she was shocked when Farkas asked her if she was interested in marriage when he sees her amulet of Mara, not knowing what the the amulet meant. They married and moved him into Breezehome. They now travel together.

Elina: At first she liked Onmund at the College of Winterhold, but eventually lost interest. She joined the Companions out of boredom and liked Vilkas for his intelligence. At first, it was only friendship, but later felt more as time went by. After curing Kodlak, she bought an amulet of Mara and showed it to Vilkas, indicating her interest. With the mutual feelings they had, they married and kept living at Jorrvaskr.

6. Do you have any favourite Shouts? And any favourite moments using a Shout?

They only know 1: Unrelenting Force!

Mira: Once fus'd a bandit over the edge of a cliff and watched him go ragdoll.

Elina: Used Fus to gain enterance into the College of Winterhol after not being able to summon the required summon.

7. It happened to us all, the Dragonborn got an early ticket to Sovengarde. So whats the dumbest way you got yours killed?

Mira: killed a chicken to see what would happen. Death by entire village is quite unpleasant.

Elina: Kept following a river, fell down a few waterfalls until she went over a big one. She didn't make it.

8. Almost done. Did you join any groups? Or did you just run around doing your own thing?

Mira: Joined the Companions.

Elina: Joined the College of Winterhold and later joined the Companions to see how they would react to a spell caster joining.

9. Imperial or Stormcloaks? Your thoughts?

Uhhhh.... Imperial's forever? Because.... Imperial?

10. What is your preferred fighting style?

Mira: Sword and shield, Sometimes uses healing magic and often uses candlelight.

Elina: Magic. Likes to use fire and electric spells. Uses a sword in case of emergencies (like when she runs out of mana or when enemies resist her magic).

I added the 10th question. I tag whoever wants to do this.
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  • Playing: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.
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